At ABM Wiring, we are fully-equipped auto electricians who specialise in custom wiring, with particular focus on harness fabrications for car revamps. Based in Maleny, our workshop provides plenty of space to work on your car, and we offer complete diagnostic checks to ensure nothing is overlooked. We can source almost any car, 4WD, or truck accessory and offer custom refurbishments for most vehicles—including full restorations of hot rods.

We offer a fully tailored auto electrical service that’s designed to meet your exact specifications, so whatever your needs are, call us today.

Auto Electrical — Affordable Auto Electricians in Maleny, QLD


Yes. Our auto electricians have all the right equipment to communicate with your car’s electrical wiring. This allows us to check your battery’s lifespan, find central locking and starter motor faults, and even diagnose air conditioning, stereo and alarm system issues. If there’s a problem, we can find and fix it fast.

Most products we source come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Our rebuilds are covered for 12 months, and marine batteries for 6 months. Please ask us to confirm the exact warranty time before purchase and installation.

Our team deals with a wide range of car refurbishment requests. We can source unique fixtures for your vehicle like UHFs, LED reverse lights, Bluetooth products and dual voltmeters. If you’re looking for car security, we can hook you up with a new car alarm. Give us a call today on (07) 5499 9848 for your car accessory needs.

At ABM Wiring, we understand the importance of keeping farm equipment running properly. Not only can we source batteries for tractors, but also for a range of specialised equipment used in the agricultural industry. Call us today for all your battery needs.

You can check your car’s manual to see what a particular light is warning you of. If the fault is in the electrical system, you will need to book your car in for a full diagnostic check. Let us scan your vehicle to find the source of the malfunction and repair it fast, whether it’s a battery issue, starter motor problem or break fault—our team will give you answers.

Call us today for all your motor vehicle auto electrical needs and accessories.